The 2017 and 5th annual Canada Gas & LNG Conference brought together over 275 international industry stakeholders, offering a platform for discussion, networking and business. Canada Gas & LNG Conference 2018 is expected to be bigger and better.

The 2018 event has been developed as a map of the opportunities; each day carries a clear vision to provide the correct balance of themes and narrative

The Conference provides a vital opportunity to connect with the key players and take stock of the evolving developments within the Canadian Gas & LNG. The program featured over 50 prominent industry speakers – worldwide leaders who engage in key issues for promoting partnerships and LNG projects within Canada – a country potentially poised for launch as a world-class LNG exporter.

With ample opportunity for face-to-face networking, interactive conference sessions and high profile social functions, the Canada Gas & LNG Conference has quickly become the go-to annual event where global leaders converge to meet, discuss strategies and forge long-term partnerships.

What Will You Learn?
What went wrong/what are the challenges?
• Growing competition in the global market for LNG exports
• The rise of US shale removed Canada’s biggest gas market
• Domestic socio-economic and environmental headwinds
What is going right?
• Positive and productive engagement with First Nations communities
• The cost competitiveness of Canadian gas
• Technological innovation from upstream through to downstream
What needs to happen?
• LNG exports must begin at scale
• Canada must become a leader in gas for marine & land transport
• Canadian gas and NGLs need to find a way route to market
What is the opportunity?
• Widespread adoption of a cleaner fuel source in transport and remote locations
• A leading position on the global LNG export market
• A net positive impact on global GHG emissions through coal replacement
How is this implemented?
• Full government alignment, from First Nations to Federal level
• Continued engagement from industry with communities
• Financial risk and support spread across stakeholders
The unique format of the event brings together Canada’s LNG industry for in-depth, meaningful dialogue and networking opportunities; making this event well worth attending
Alexandra Ballard
General Manager, First Nations Limited Partnership