The 2018 Canada Gas & LNG Conference brought together over 811 international industry stakeholders, offering a platform for discussion, networking and business. Canada Gas & LNG Conference 2019 is expected to be bigger and better.

The 2019 event has been developed as a map of the opportunities; each day carries a clear vision to provide the correct balance of themes and narrative

2018 saw an expanded focus as the event offering grew for upstream and downstream players.

In recognition of the collective push of the industry across Canada to monetise its world class gas reserves the event will continue to build on this expansion, bringing the full value chain together: from producers, pipeline players and LNG projects, through to transportation companies, petrochemical players and power producers from the length of Canada and the rest of the world.

This expanded focus will allow for an increased number of topic specific streams and workshops, facilitating first class networking and idea sharing. In line with dmg:events’ global event Gastech, the technical content at the Canada Gas & LNG Conference and Exhibition will be powered by a peer reviewed Call for
Papers process.

The 2018 event saw some key presentations and announcements from the likes of Richard Gateman, President of the Coastal GasLink Pipeline Project, Andy Calitz, CEO of LNG Canada and Minister Michelle Mungall. With all the industry activity taking place across Canada, high profile attendees and
major announcement are a certainty for the 2019 Canada Gas & LNG Exhibition and Conference.

What Will You Learn?
What went wrong/what are the challenges?
• Growing competition in the global market for LNG exports
• The rise of US shale removed Canada’s biggest gas market
• Domestic socio-economic and environmental headwinds
What is going right?
• Positive and productive engagement with First Nations communities
• The cost competitiveness of Canadian gas
• Technological innovation from upstream through to downstream
What needs to happen?
• LNG exports must begin at scale
• Canada must become a leader in gas for marine & land transport
• Canadian gas and NGLs need to find a way route to market
What is the opportunity?
• Widespread adoption of a cleaner fuel source in transport and remote locations
• A leading position on the global LNG export market
• A net positive impact on global GHG emissions through coal replacement
How is this implemented?
• Full government alignment, from First Nations to Federal level
• Continued engagement from industry with communities
• Financial risk and support spread across stakeholders
The unique format of the event brings together Canada’s LNG industry for in-depth, meaningful dialogue and networking opportunities; making this event well worth attending
Alexandra Ballard
General Manager, First Nations Limited Partnership