CTI Industries

CTI Industries specializes in service life extension of existing damaged/leaking heat exchanger tubes, thereby eliminating the need for bundle replacement. Depending on the failure location as predetermined via NDT, CTI inserts a thin-wall metallic Shield/Seal™ or Full-Length Tube Liner™ into the partial or entire length of the tube. These sleeves are expanded their entire length by hydraulic pressure to establish a metal-to-metal fit. CTI mechanically expands them at both ends, restoring failed tubes back to service. The Shield/Seals and Full-Length Tube Liners are also utilized in new tubes to add reliability to critical heat exchangers. CTI’s life extension systems are used in air fin coolers, waste heat boilers, steam condensers, feed water heaters, and numerous other types of heat exchangers. These repairs have been successfully applied at refineries, chemical plants, LNG plants & tankers, electric utilities, naval and commercial vessels along with various industrial facilities worldwide for over 40 years.