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The future of the Canadian Upstream (New!)

  • Identifying and opening-up routes to market

Gas Policy, Markets & Regulation: On Shifting Sands

  • Market Designs Models & Impacts on Industry
  • Policy, Consumer Attitudes & Legal Impacts

Contracting, Pricing & Trading of Gas & LNG

  • Development of Global LNG Markets
  • New Customer Attitudes to Suppliers

North American Shale to Export

  • Latest Projects & Growth in LNg & NGL Projects - United States & Canada
  • Petrochemicals, Fertilisers & Manufacturing Growth from Shale

Consumer Spotlights: Europe & Asia's Expanding Gas & LNG Markets

  • Project & Policy Evolution Across India & China - Market Comparisons
  • Development & Financing New Projects & Infrastructure

Future Financing of Gas & LNG Projects

  • Financial Risk Management Across Projects

Ermerging Customer Market Spotlights

  • Growth & Divergence of Newer Gas & LNG Consumers
  • Future Forecasts & Projections of New Market

Corportate Risk, CSR & Local Content

  • Developing & Managing Local Environment, Political & Social Concerns in Projects Emissions Management - Local vs. Global Drivers for Project Developers

Gas & LNG as Transportation Fuels

  • Development & Growth of Fuels for Marine & Shipping Projects
  • Onshore & Road Infrastructure Expansion - Project Progress & Updates

Floating Storage & Regasification Units (FSRU)

  • FSRU & FPSO As Value-Added Solutions in Projects
  • Emerging & New Projects - Global Case Studie

Cop 21 & The Impact on Hydrocarbon Industries

  • Public & Political Impacts Evolving the Global Gas Industry

The Electricity Generation Revolution

  • The Impacts of Renewable Expansion on Gas Demand
  • Battery & Energy Storage Capabilities Commercial Impacts

Natural Gas Liquids and Value Adds (New!)

  • Exploring International and Local Demand
  • The Impact of NGLs on the Economics of LNG Projects