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Jason McIvor

Vice President of Business Development

Jason has worked in senior management positions within the LNG and natural gas industries, logistics and transportation sectors. In the LNG space Jason has facilitated multi-million dollar projects within the mining, utility and agriculture sectors. These projects include LNG for mine haul truck, LNG for power generation in remote communities and mines as well as LNG used for industrial heat in agriculture and product transformation. Jason’s previous role in FortisBC was to develop the domestic LNG high horsepower markets. Jason also managed high horse power LNG sales accounts and has expertise in the knowledge of billing and fuel supply contracts. Jason is extremely well connected across the industry and is widely regarded as an expert in terms of the planning, business decisions for LNG versus other fuels for off-grid industries. Jason attained his bachelor of business degree at Simon Fraser University.

Jason McIvor Cryopeak’s VP Business Development can relate to The History Channel’s popular “Ice Road Truckers” program. Why? Because his company, Cryopeak LNG Solutions, travels similar roads as it provides Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) to some truly remote and icy locations, including Inuvik, a community in the far reaches of the Northwest Territories of Canada.

Focus areas of his presentation, along with anecdotes from Cryopeak’s Inuvik experiences, will include:

  • Appreciating your customer: a look through the eyes of a mining company
  • Aspects of LNG quality
Session 9: Powering Remote Communities and Industries with LNG

Date: Thursday, 23 May 2019

Time: 11:30-13:30