Canada Gas & LNG Exhibition and Conference

May 9-11, 2023
Vancouver Convention Centre | Vancouver, Canada

500+ Conference Delegates

85+ Industry Expert Speakers

85 Strategic & Technical Sessions

3 Days of Premier Networking


The Canada Gas & LNG Conference successfully brings together the leading international industry stakeholders, offering a platform for discussion, networking and business.

The event has been developed as a map of the industry; each day carries a clear vision to provide the correct balance of themes and narrative.


Conference Program 

Our program has been enhanced and expanded to ensure that attendees take away a clear snap-shot of the Canadian Gas & LNG industry, showcasing its progress, future plans and potential to do business.

Each day of the program will carry a clear narrative, seeking to address the key industry challenges. It will bring together over 500 delegates representing international and domestic markets, creating opportunities to connect and generate new business leads.


The strategic conference at CGLNG provides speakers and delegates with the opportunity to address the latest benefits and challenges of a rapidly developing and dynamic market; offering a high-level platform to enhance and refine the Canadian natural gas narrative. Featuring a three-day program, and more than 80 influential speakers from many of the world’s leading energy businesses, the conference plays host to 500 senior-level delegates every year

* Canada Gas & LNG Attendee Profile

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